Al Duqm Crushers LLC
April 18, 2019
June 14, 2019

The proposed research aims in converting an otherwise waste material, recycled concrete aggregates (RAC), into a high-value material, recycled aggregate concrete (RCA). Research will focus on enhancing the mechanical and durability properties of RAC. It is expected that the effective introduction of RCA into the production processes will enhance the state-of-the art knowledge concerning the reuse of waste materials in construction industry and boost the recycling process in Cyprus with all possible economic, technical and environmental benefits. The objectives of the proposed research are in full agreement with the strategic objectives of the RPF RESTART 2016-2020 Programme, which specifically states: "...the use of construction materials with high-added value, reduction in consumption of natural resources, reduction of the environmental impacts and increase of reuse of available resources". The RCA will be used in various forms in concrete mixtures, in order to select the best possible mixture design, ensuring the optimum mechanical and durability properties. RCA will undergo surface treatment to remove part of the adhered mortar. Additionally, RCA will be utilized as internal curing (IC) agents to deliver water to the material’s inner structure. The effectiveness of the above will be investigated utilizing several standardised experiments. Further, a life cycle assessment (LCA) that will allow the evaluation of the technoeconomic feasibility of incorporating the particular waste materials as value-added constituents in “green” concrete will be performed.